Tenby Sofa

Size: W207x D96x H70cm

Product Specifications

High density foam, solid pine wood frame, down feather stuffing


Made-to-measure is available for Tenby Sofa. If you wish to adjust the size of the sofa, please contact us for free consultation and quotation.



The Tenby Sofa boasts a streamlined profile with a graceful contour, providing a timeless look that complements any décor style. The thickly padded armrests and back cushions of the Tenby Sofa serve as the pivotal components of its design, assuring that every moment of repose is nothing short of luxurious.

When you immerse yourself in the comfort of the Tenby, you’re not just sitting; you’re enveloped in a cradle of softness that makes the ultimate seating comfort a tangible reality.The generous padding invites you to unwind in a variety of positions, ensuring that whether you choose to sit upright or lie down, your comfort is paramount.

Enhance your comfort with an additional touch of luxury by choosing to add removable headrests to your Tenby Sofa. These headrests are expertly designed to provide outstanding neck support, ensuring that every moment spent on your sofa is imbued with the ultimate relaxation.

Additional information


Fabric, Silicone leather

Add-on: Removable headrest ($250/ headrest)

None, 1, 2

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Tenby Sofa
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